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ⓘ .il

.il is the Internet country code top-level domain of Israel. It is administered by the Israel Internet Association and managed by NIC - ISRAEL, which hosts the DNS Root Server and manages the Israeli Internet Exchange, that supports IPv4 and IPv6. top-level domain is one of the earliest registered ccTLDs. When Israel registered it, on 24 October 1985, it was the third registration of any ccTLD,, which were registered earlier that year.

As of 10 June 2014 there are 227.066 domain names registered under ccTLD in Israel.

Israel is still in the process of getting an internationalized top-level domain.ישראל ‎ ‎.


1. Second-level domains

There are eight Second Level Domains:

  • Municipal Government
  • Non-commercial Organizations; administration delegated to five private registrars.
  • Israeli Internet service providers; available only to licensed providers by the Israel Internet Association.
  • Government and Governmental System; administration delegated to ministry of finance.
  • Academic Institutions; administration delegated to the Inter-University Computation Center.
  • Commercial Entities; administration delegated to five private registrars.
  • Israel Defense Forces; administration delegated to the armys Center of Computing and Information Systems.
  • Schools and Kindergartens

Registration of other second-level domain names directly is not supported.

Hebrew third level domains such as איגוד-האינטרנט are available since 2010.