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The Lair

ⓘ The Lair

The Lair is an American gay-themed vampire television series produced by here! in 2007. The first season consisted of six episodes and wrapped production in January 2007. The first two episodes premiered on June 1, 2007. Season 2 consisted of nine episodes and debuted on September 5, 2008. A third season of 13 episodes was announced in September 2008 and Colton Ford confirmed that filming took place in October and November 2008. Season 3 premiered September 4, 2009.


1.1. Cast Main

  • Colton Ford as Sheriff Trout, the islands sheriff
  • Jesse Cutlip as Jonathan, Thoms overly jealous boyfriend season 1
  • Dylan Vox as Colin, Damians second in command
  • Brian Nolan as Frankie, The Lairs human janitor
  • Beverly Lynne as Laura Rivers, Thoms best friend and co-worker seasons 1–2
  • Matty Ferraro as Ian, a young werewolf season 2
  • Steven Hirschi as Athan, an ancient Gorgon season 3
  • Peter Stickles as Damian Courtenay, leader of a vampire coven and owner of The Lair
  • Frankie Valenti as Tim, a landscaper and botanists assistant seasons 2–3
  • David Moretti as Thom Etherton, reporter for a local newspaper

1.2. Cast Also starring

In season three select actors had their names included in the opening credits directly after the main cast members names, although no montage was made for them

  • Jared Grey as Harris Phillip Chichester, owner of the Seen Of The Crime Bookstore and author of two books on local legends
  • Tyler Saint as an unnamed member of Damians coven
  • Thor Knai as Dennis, a troubled youth who was straightened out by Sheriff Trout
  • Vince Harrington as Matty, manager of the Arkham Harbor Light bar

1.3. Cast Special guest stars

In season three select actors had their names included in the opening credits as special guest stars, although no montage was made for them

  • Sybil Danning as Frau Von Hess, a vampire who wants revenge on Damian
  • Ron Jeremy as a Delivery Guy, delivering to the Arkham Harbor Light bar

2.1. Plot summary Season 1

The Lair is set in a small island community, the exact location of which is unknown. Thom, a reporter for the local paper, is investigating a string of deaths of young men, known as the "John Doe murders". His investigation leads him to a sex club called The Lair, which he discovers is run by a coven of vampires led by Damian. Damian is drawn to Thom because Thom is the double of the man who turned Damian into a vampire two centuries earlier. Colin, Damians lieutenant, schemes to brick Damian behind a wall and take over The Lair. Local lawman Sheriff Trout, also investigating the murders, finds his way to The Lair. A shootout ensues in which Damians human henchman Frankie is killed.


2.2. Plot summary Season 2

As Sheriff Trout recovers from his gunshot wounds, he takes in Ian, a new arrival to the island who is pursued by a mysterious mainlander. Damian contacts Thom and convinces him to recover Damians body and restore him. Frankie haunts Colin, warning of his imminent demise. Intrigue blooms in the form of the Lumina Orchis, a flower that blossoms only in moonlight and which casts a strange fascination over local botanist Jake to the dismay of his assistant Tim. By seasons end Jake, Laura, Jonathan and the mysterious mainlander are all dead, Colin is destroyed and Thom is living at The Lair.


2.3. Plot summary Season 2.5

Season 2.5 was depicted in an online 8-part comic series drawn by comic artist Rosendo Brown, known for Fabulance. Each part in the series was a one-page stand-alone story that was meant to fill in the missing links of events that transpired after the Season 2 finale. These stories were:

  • "Bump in the Night": Sheriff Trout keeps watch on a sleepless night at his house, guarding against the unseen terrors that have suddenly plagued his town.
  • "A Chance in Hell": The Master puts his plan into motion by agreeing to return Colin to the world of the living
  • "Ghost Stories": Frankie learns the bright side of being a ghost from the spirit of a dead little boy.
  • "Highway to Hell": Colin is given directions by the demon on where he can find The Master, who will return Colin to Earth.
  • "A Warm Welcome": Colin fights a demon guardian on his quest to find the elusive "Master"
  • "A Cold Day in Hell": Colin arrives in Hell and learns that he must make a deal with the devil to return to his immortal, vampire life.
  • "Special Delivery": Damian indulges in deviant sexual behavior with one of his vampire coven as he ruminates on his life as the undead king.
  • "Last Call": Thom starts to lament the choices in his life as he is accosted by a blood thirsty vampire in Damians club.


2.4. Plot summary Season 3

Thom struggles to adjust to life as the only human at The Lair. Colin enthralls Richie from beyond the grave to restore Colin, who schemes to establish a club to rival The Lair. Damian is contacted by the reclusive Frau von Hess, who has plans for him and the island. Sheriff Trout, missing the now-fugitive Ian, recalls another young man from his past. A new arrival to the island is Athan, an antiquities expert who harbors within him the spirit of a male gorgon.


3. Podcast

On June 21, 2007, here! launched a podcast for the series. Hosted by DJ and here! personality Ben Harvey, the podcast features roundtable discussions of the series and interviews with cast members. No new podcasts associated with season two have been released; the last podcast was released in October 2007.


4. Critical response

Critical reaction to The Lair has been largely negative. " a general sense true camp value" is how the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described the show. While the Post-Gazette singles out Morettis performance for praise, other reviews describe various of the cast as "wooden" and the acting "so amateurishly done as to be comical at times."