ⓘ FN 303

FN 303

ⓘ FN 303

The FN 303 is a semi-automatic less-lethal riot gun designed and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. The FN 303s projectiles have been specifically designed to break up on impact, reducing risks of penetrating injuries. Typical operating scenarios include domestic violence intervention, marking violent suspects and building surveillance.

Fn 303 uses compressed air to fire projectiles with 15-round drum. It is designed to incapacitate the target through blunt trauma without causing serious injuries, and the most widely used for riot control and other kinds of combat where lethal weapons should be avoided.

In 303 it is possible to shoot from the shoulder using adjustable iron sights, or it can be installed as an under-barrel configuration on most assault rifles when its stock Assembly is removed in this configuration, it is designated M303. It also comes with a top mount Picatinny rail that can fit most commercial accessories for weapons such as sights, laser designators and tactical lights. FN markets its own set of supplies to start, including tactical vests, slings, carrying bags, and gas compressors. It is accurate at distances up to 35 meters 38 yards.

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