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Rickshaw Man

ⓘ Rickshaw Man

Rickshaw Man, also released as Muhomatsu, the Rickshaw Man or The Rikisha-Man, is a 1958 color Japanese film directed by Hiroshi Inagaki.

Set in the 1900s, it tells the story of Muhōmatsu, a rickshaw man played by Toshiro Mifune, who becomes a surrogate father to the child of a recently widowed woman played by Hideko Takamine.

The film is a remake of a 1943 film of the same name.


1. Cast

  • Hideko Takamine - Yoshiko Yoshioka
  • Bokuzen Hidari
  • Haruo Tanaka - Kumakichi
  • Jun Tatara - Theatre employee
  • Nobuo Nakamura - Yoshikos brother
  • Chieko Nakakita - Yoshikos sister-in-law
  • Ichirō Arishima - Medicine peddler
  • Chishū Ryū - Shigezo Yuki
  • Choko Iida - Otora innkeeper
  • Seiji Miyaguchi - Fencing master
  • Dump Matsumoto - Young Toshio
  • Hiroshi Akutagawa - Capt. Kotaro Yoshioka
  • Kenji Kasahara - Toshio Yoshioka
  • Toshiro Mifune - Matsugoro Muhōmatsu, "Wild Matsu"
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