ⓘ Vire (river)

Vire (river)

ⓘ Vire (river)

The Vire is a river in Normandy, France whose 128 km course crosses the departements of Calvados and Manche, flowing through the towns of Vire, Saint-Lo and Isigny-sur-Mer, finally flowing out into the English Channel. Its main tributaries are the Aure, the Elle and the Souleuvre.

The outflow of the Vire has been canalized and forms the port of Isigny-sur-Mer.

The poets of the Vire valley Vau de Vire are said to have given rise to vaudeville.

Places along the river:

  • Manche 50: Tessy-sur-Vire, Troisgots, Torigni-sur-Vire, Conde-sur-Vire, Sainte-Suzanne-sur-Vire, Saint-Lo, Rampan, Pont-Hebert, La Meauffe, Cavigny
  • Calvados 14: Vire, Pont-Farcy, Isigny-sur-Mer

1. Hydrology and water quality

The generally brownish waters of the Vire are moderately alkaline having been tested by Lumina Tech as pH 8.31. Hogan, 2006 The river waters are relatively turbid, with a Secchi disc measurement of 12 centimetres.

  • Bessin region. It is a sub - affluent of the Vire The watershed of the Drome neighbours those of the Vire Aure east Tortonne NW and Seulles SE
  • it was merged into the commune Conde - sur - Vire The town of Troisgots is 6.5 kilometers north of Tessy - sur - Vire and 14 kilometers south of Saint - Lo, the
  • et Lacave p.223 - Armand Vire - Reedition de l ouvrage de 1907 - ISBN 2 - 7455 - 0049 - X Lacave à travers les ages - Armand Vire - ISBN 2 - 9508492 - 0 - 2 Lacave
  • Ex Unitate Vires literally from unity, strength is a Latin phrase formerly used as the national motto of South Africa. It was originally translated
  • former communes of Brectouville, Gieville, Guilberville and Torigni - sur - Vire the seat Communes of the Manche department Arrête prefectoral 28 September
  • Lieutenant - General Miles Dempsey were to secure the road junction of Vire and the high ground of Mont Pinçon. Operationally, the attack was made to
  • Sainte - Suzanne, Reunion, a municipality on Reunion Island Sainte - Suzanne - sur - Vire a municipality in the Manche department Sainte - Suzanne, Nord - Est, commune
  • 8639694 Built by French engineer Gustave Eiffel for the Caen to Saint - Lo and Vire line, the Viaduc de la Souleuvre opened November 12, 1893. The total length
  • France. Vineyards of Laize are part of the appellation d origine controlee Vire - Clesse, which is used for white wines from Chardonnay grapes. Communes of
  • Bourgogne in eastern France. Vineyards of Montbellet are part of the AOC Vire - Clesse, which is used for white wines from Chardonnay grapes. Communes of

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