ⓘ The Breaks (1999 film)

The Breaks (1999 film)

ⓘ The Breaks (1999 film)

A Sunday in the life of Derrick King, an Irish kid raised in Compton C.A. by a black family. He talks black, dresses black, and thinks of himself as black. It is a day of disasters: his mom kicks him out of the house, his uncle fires him, the woman he loves dismisses him as childish, the LAPD wearing Confederate flag shoulder patches impounds his car and tosses him in the drunk tank, a mean dude is after him for money, he is imprisoned in a store basement by gay sadists, and he is shot at. Along the way, however, he shows kindness to a near-sighted kid, and those random acts may prove to be his salvation. Rappers Xzibit and Flesh-n-Bone appear in the film.

The movie features numerous parodies, including one of Pulp Fiction, as well as Good Will Hunting, and an appearance by George Clinton as himself. Professional basketball player Gary Payton also has a speaking role in the movie.


1. Cast

  • Xzibit as Jamal
  • Mitch Mullany as Derrick King
  • Paul Benjamin as Clerk
  • Loretta Devine as Floria
  • Lamont Bentley as Darryl
  • Carl Anthony Payne II as Chris
  • George Clinton as Himself
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