ⓘ Leicester City Police


ⓘ Leicester City Police

The city of Leicester in England was policed independently until 1 April 1967 when its police force was merged with the Leicestershire and Rutland Constabulary to form the Leicester and Rutland Constabulary.

From about 1750 until September 1835 the borough Corporation appointed night watchmen and Day "police".

In accordance with the law On municipal corporations of the Board of Leicester were required to appoint a watch Committee and to make arrangements for adequate policing in the city.

Leicester police "borough" was established in January 1836. The first inspector and "head of police" was Federigo Goodyer, who previously served in the Metropolitan police in London in 1829. Originally there were five sergeants and fifty constables in the force.

The last chief constable of police of the city of Leicester was Robert mark, who later became Commissioner of the Metropolitan police.

  • The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Leicester England. 48 The Roman town of Ratae Corieltauvorum is established approximate
  • inner city area of Leicester England. As the name suggests, it is one of the highest areas in the city on high ground southeast of the city centre
  • 52.6274222 - 1.1319222 HM Prison Leicester is a local men s prison, located in the Southfields area of Leicester Leicestershire, England. The term
  • A594 Central Ring is the name of Leicester s central distributor road network. With ongoing regeneration of the inner city the Central Ring is becoming
  • High School, University of Leicester the Open University and the University of Aston. He joined the Leicester City Police in 1961 rising to the rank
  • division of the city of Leicester England, consisting of the residential suburb of St Marks. The St Marks estate was built in the wake of Leicester s slum clearance
  • with Leicester City Police Staffordshire County Constabulary and Stoke - on - Trent City Police Derbyshire County Constabulary and Derby Borough Police Warwickshire
  • suspected broken back. Coxwell laid the blame for the riot with the Leicester City Police who he said had failed to provide a sufficient number of officers
  • City Police and Bradford City Police under the Local Government Act 1972. The force was originally known as the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police

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