ⓘ Wellton, Arizona

Wellton, Arizona

ⓘ Wellton, Arizona

Wellton is a town in Yuma County, Arizona, United States. According to the 2010 census, the population of the town is 2.882. It is part of the Yuma Metropolitan Statistical Area.

  • Mountains are Dome, Ligurta, and Wellton in the Dome and Mohawk Valleys. List of mountain ranges of Yuma County, Arizona List of LCRV Wilderness Areas Colorado
  • Still stands was used as a restaurant. Vacant in 2007. Wellton Southern Pacific. Wickenburg, Arizona Depot built 1895 by SFP P. Last ATSF passenger service
  • Arizona is a state located in the Western United States. There are 91 incorporated cities and towns in the U.S. state of Arizona as of 2010. Incorporated
  • about 2 inches 51 mm of rainfall across southern Arizona The peak recorded rainfall occurred at Wellton where 4.78 inches 121 mm were measured between
  • the location of the Army advanced flying school. Colfred, Stovall, and Wellton Gunnery Ranges were also established nearby. The base was originally designed
  • of Assisi Parish, Yuma St John Neumann Parish, Yuma St Joseph Mission, Wellton Catholicism portal Catholic Church by country Catholic Church in the United
  • driving from California to her home in Chicago through a checkpoint in Wellton Arizona Chaubal was stopped and detained by ICE agents, who asked for her
  • well as branches in downtown Yuma, the Foothills, Somerton, San Luis, Wellton Dateland, and Roll. The first Yuma Library, a Carnegie library, opened

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