ⓘ Lemon Grove, California

Lemon Grove, California

ⓘ Lemon Grove, California

The area that eventually became Lemon Grove was part of Mission San Diego de Alcala, one of the Spanish missions in California. After Mexico became independent from Spain, the Californios residents of Alta California ranched on various land grants. The area that now includes Lemon Grove was granted to Santiago Arguello, who received more than 59.000 acres.

First owner lemon grove, Robert Allison, came to the area in 1850, having arrived from Sacramento. He acquired thousands of acres of the Santiago Arguellos heirs, the land eventually became lemon grove, La Mesa, ENCANTO, and part of spring valley. Alison became a Director and shareholder of the railroad the San Diego and Cuyamaca in 1886 and made up of Alison tray. Allisons son Joseph filed subdivision maps for "lemon Grove" in 1892. The name is due to Josephs mother, pace Waterman Alison. The climate is suitable for growing subtropical fruits and vegetables, as well as farmers from East and West flocked to the region. Lemon Association of gardeners of the grove was founded in 1893, in 1894, the newspaper the San Diego Union called the lemon grove, as the "sea of lemon trees".

Joseph and Sonya Anton, natives of Bohemia, moved to the lemon grove after stints in SEGUIN, Texas and San Diego. The brothers opened the famous General store, Sonya A. and son. Anthony "Tony" F. Sonya, Sonyas oldest son, Anton and his German-American wife, Anna Klein, Sonya was also the local nobility. He was a key supporter of a huge lemon, which became a symbol of the city and attractions. Sonya and the Committee of the local farmers hired a local architect Alberto Treganza, to build a huge lemon to "make a definitive statement about the purpose of the cities of prosperity and optimism."

As a result of the lemon grove incident in 1931, the American of Mexican origin parents in lemon grove pursued a successful legal challenge to the decision of the local school Board to build a separate school for Mexican American students. The decision of the Supreme court, County of San Diego, Alvarez V. lemon grove was the first successful lawsuit against school segregation.

The second World War, most of the citrus groves had disappeared and suburbanization had begun. There were four elections in the inclusion from the 1950s to the 1970s years, the issue sparked heated debate in the city. The city was finally included since July 1, 1977, becoming attractions: 414-M. lemon grove was registered as a General law city, however, it continues to receive law enforcement services under contract from the Sheriffs Department County of San Diego.