ⓘ Montague, California

Montague, California

ⓘ Montague, California

When the Southern Pacific Railroad extension was built from Dunsmuir, California to the state line in 1886-87, the station was named for S.S. Montague, chief engineer of the Central Pacific Railroad.

  • Margaret Prescott or Preston Montague 29 November 1878 26 September 1955 was an American short story writer, and novelist. Her middle name is sometimes
  • Milpitas, formerly known as Montague is an intermodal center for transit serving Milpitas, California and north Santa Clara County. The station was built
  • Montague Ullman September 9, 1916 June 7, 2008 was a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and parapsychologist who founded the Dream Laboratory at the Maimonides
  • Edward Francis Montague July 24, 1905 June 17, 1988 was an American infielder in Major League Baseball with the Cleveland Indians 1928, 1930 1932
  • Annie Montague Alexander 1867 1950 was an American philanthropist and paleontological collector. She established the University of California Museum
  • Stephen Montague born March 10, 1943 in Syracuse, New York is a composer who grew up in Idaho, New Mexico, West Virginia and Florida. After studying
  • Henry James Montague was the stage name of Henry John Mann, January 20, 1843 August 13, 1878 an American actor born in England. Montague was born January
  • Charles Montague Bakewell April 24, 1867 September 19, 1957 was a university professor and Republican politician who served in the United States House
  • Learn, baby Learn Semi - retired by the mid - 1970s, Montague relocated to Palm Springs, California where he was instrumental in the launch of easy listening
  • period of time. In the fall of 1859 he went to California over the California Trail. In California Montague met Theodore Judah and worked for him building

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