ⓘ Nan'an District

Nanan District

ⓘ Nanan District

Nanan District, is one of the six central districts of Chongqing municipality, China. It covers an area of 265 square kilometers, with 44 square km covered with forests and woods. It has an estimated population of 600.000 as of the year 2006.

  • 32417 120.275167 Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology NJU Chinese: 南榮科技大學 is a private university in Yanshuei District Tainan, Taiwan. The
  • present - day Nan yo was part of ancient Dewa Province. After the start of the Meiji period, the area became part of Higashiokitama District Yamagata Prefecture
  • Nan ao Township Chinese: 南澳鄕 pinyin: Nan ào Xiāng is a mountain indigenous township in the southern part of Yilan County, Taiwan. It is the largest
  • Nan Wood Honeyman July 15, 1881 December 10, 1970 was an American politician from the state of Oregon. A native of New York, she was the daughter
  • Nan Chiau High School NCHS simplified Chinese: 南侨中学 traditional Chinese: 南僑中學 pinyin: Nanqiao Zhōngxue Wade Giles: Nan 2Ch iao2 Chung1hsueh2 is a
  • Xiangyun, Nan an Fujian Xiangyun town Chinese: 翔云镇 pinyin: xiangyun is a township - level division of Nan an city, in southern Fujian province, China.
  • An election to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar was held on 6 May 1999 as part of the wider 1999 Scottish local elections. The council, formerly known as Western
  • Jiulongpo is one of the main districts in Chongqing, around which are Yuzhong, Shapingba and Dadukou, while Banan and Nan an are separated from Jiulongpo
  • rural district of Hà Giang Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. The district covers an area of 582 km². Its capital lies at Thu Tà. Cốc Pài, Nàn Xỉn

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