ⓘ Jiangjin District

Jiangjin District

ⓘ Jiangjin District

Jiangjin, one of the districts in the southwest of Chongqing, China, lies along the upper reaches of Yangtze River, and has a history extending back more than 1500 years. The district covers 3200 square kilometres and has a population of 1.460.000, and borders the provinces of Sichuan to the southwest and Guizhou to the south. The county seat and central town of Jiangjin is 50 km away by highway, 65 km away by railway and 72 km away by waterway from Yuzhong of central Chongqing.

  • Afghanistan Dushi District an administrative district in Baghlan Province Afghanistan Dushi, Chongqing, a town in Jiangjin District Chongqing, China
  • in Shizishan District, Tongling, Anhui Xihu, Chongqing zh in Jiangjin District Chongqing Xihu, Guazhou County zh in Guazhou County, Gansu Xihu
  • District and Jiulongpo District in east, with Jiangjin District of Chongqing in south, with Tongliang County and Yongchuan District of Chongqing in west
  • 2014. The film is set and filmed in Baisha 白沙 a suburban town in Jiangjin District Chongqing. The Chinese title used at Berlin International Film Festival
  • It probably includes parts of modern: Chongqing Jiangjin District Bishan District Yongchuan District Shi Weile, ed. 2005 Zhongguo Lishi Diming Da Cidian
  • until 1948, the capital of Hebei province Towns Shimen, Chongqing, in Jiangjin District Shimen, Tenzhu County, in Tenzhu Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County
  • changed into Yongchuan district a county - level division of Chongqing. Yongchuan is in west Chongqing, in border with Bishan and Jiangjin in east, with Dazu
  • Xianfeng County, a county in Enshi, Hubei Xianfeng, Chongqing, in Jiangjin District Chongqing Xianfeng, Wangkui County, in Wangkui County, Heilongjiang
  • within the municipality, the station is connected directly to Jiangjin Yongchuan Districts as well as the counties of Bishan Dazu, Rongchang, Tongliang

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