ⓘ Vyatka River

Vyatka River

ⓘ Vyatka River

The Vyatka River is a river in Kirov Oblast and the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, a right tributary of the Kama River. It is 1.314 kilometres long, and its drainage basin covers 129.000 square kilometres.

The Vyatka River begins in the northern parts of Udmurtia. It freezes up in the early November and stays under the ice until the second half of April. Its principal tributaries are Kobra, Letka, Velikaya, Moloma, Pizhma, Cheptsa, Bystritsa, Voya, and Kilmez Rivers. The Vyatka River teems with fish: bream, roach, tench, sheat fish, pike, European perch, zander, etc.

The Vyatka River is navigable from its mouth to the city of Kirov, 700 kilometres 430 mi upriver. The main ports are Kirov, Kotelnich, Sovetsk, and Vyatskiye Polyany.

  • River 66.65 kilometers. Northern Uvaly two separate river basins the Severodvinsk and the Volga. Much of the area is occupied by the Vyatka River basin
  • Orlovsky District in Kirov Oblast, Russia, located on the right bank of the Vyatka River 75 kilometers 47 mi west of Kirov, the administrative center of the
  • Vyatskopolyansky District of Kirov Oblast, Russia, located on the left bank of the Vyatka River 362 kilometers 225 mi south of Kirov, the administrative center of
  • located on the left bank of the Urzhumka River about 10 kilometers 6.2 mi from its confluence with the Vyatka River Population: 10, 213 2010 Census 11
  • three - dimensionally preserved nearly complete lower jaw found on the bank of the Vyatka River near the town of Gorki in the Kirov Oblast, and from PIN 4310 1 a single
  • Dymkovo toys, also known as the Vyatka toys or Kirov toys Дымковская игрушка, вятская игрушка, кировская игрушка in Russian are moulded painted clay
  • Bolshoy Cheremshan near Dimitrovgrad Bezdna Aktay Kama south of Kazan Vyatka near Nizhnekamsk Cheptsa near Kirov Belaya near Neftekamsk Ufa in
  • following year, the Russians set out from Kotelnich in the Vyatka woods. They sailed down the Vyatka River and the Kama towards the Volga, pillaging merchant

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