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Hahnenklee is a borough of the city of Goslar, in the German state of the Lower Saxony. It is located within the Harz mountain range between Goslar and Osterode.

  • Adolf Grammar School, in Tallinn, Estonia Gustav Adolf Stave Church, in Hahnenklee Harz, Germany Gustav - Adolf - StraSe Nuremberg U - Bahn metro station in
  • adheres closely to stave church design Germany Gustav Adolf stave church in Hahnenklee Harz landscape, Germany New Zealand Maria Stavkirke in Norsewood, New
  • summit. Other peaks in the vicinity include the Achtermannshohe and the Hahnenklee Crags. The town consists of three districts: Braunlage proper HohegeiS
  • glance at the Upper Harz ponds Teiche near Clausthal - Zellerfeld and Hahnenklee suggested a solution. At that time there must have been 50 to 60 small
  • 1883 and for its rebuilding in 1997. The Gustav Adolf Stave Church in Hahnenklee Germany, built in 1908, is modeled on the Borgund church. Three replicas
  • majority of structures being found in the vicinity of Clausthal - Zellerfeld, Hahnenklee Sankt Andreasberg, Buntenbock, Wildemann, Lautenthal, Schulenberg, Altenau
  • including Torfhaus Benneckenstein, Braunlage including HohegeiS Goslar - Hahnenklee Hasselfelde, Sankt Andreasberg including Sonnenberg and Oderbruck and
  • are Altenau, Sankt Andreasberg, Clausthal - Zellerfeld, Lautenthal and Hahnenklee Today the dialect is rarely heard in everyday life in the Upper Harz
  • Church Congregation Gustav - Adolf - Stabkirche, Gustav Adolf stave church in Hahnenklee Congregation Martin - Luther - Kirche, Martin Luther Church Congregation St
  • earth gravity field. Hans - Georg Wenzel was born on 3 February 1945 in Hahnenklee - Bockswiese. From 1962 to 1964 Wenzel trained as a surveying technician
  • Dragestil, from 1897. A stave church imitation Gustav Adolf Stave Church in Hahnenklee Harz region, Germany Þorarinsstadir archaeological excavation in Seydisfjordur
  • 05322 Bad Harzburg 05323 Clausthal - Zellerfeld 05324 Vienenburg 05325 Hahnenklee 05326 Langelsheim 05327 Bad Grund Harz 05328 Altenau Harz 05329 Schulenberg

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