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ⓘ .eg

.eg is the Latin alphabet country code top-level domain for Egypt. Any entity who wants to register a domain name ending must have a local representative or the domain name has to be hosted on Egyptian DNS servers. Egypts Arabic alphabet ccTLD is.مصر ‎. During the 2011 Egyptian protests, was shut down by the government.


1. Second-level domains

There are eleven second-level domains. Registrations are possible at the second level directly or at the third level beneath these names.

  • Information sector.
  • Scientific sites.
  • Sports sites.
  • Academic sites.
  • Personal "name" websites.
  • Military sites.
  • Visual media.
  • Commercial sites.
  • Governmental sites.
  • Egyptian Universities Network.
  • Educational sites.
  • Networking.
  • Egyptian organizations.

Examples of domain names registered at the second level:,,,,

  • The Visualize EG is a Hewlett Packard 2D graphics card used in their Series 700 UNIX workstations. The Visualize - EG project name Graffiti was the basic
  • The Galician Socialist Party Galician Left PSG - EG Partido Socialista Galego - Esquerda Galega in Galician language was a Galician nationalist and left - wing
  • observe speed limit ATB makes an immediate emergency brake application ATB - EG ATB Eerste Generatie English: ATB First Generation is based on the American
  • Aldrei for eg sudur transl. I never went south is an annual music festival held in Isafjordur, Iceland, every Easter weekend since 2004. It is the brainchild
  • 6037 1988 EG is an eccentric, stony asteroid, classified as near - Earth object and potentially hazardous asteroid. It belongs to the group of Apollo
  • 2012 EG 5 is an Apollo near - Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of 47 meters 154 ft The asteroid was discovered on March 13, 2012. The asteroid
  • Valentine Lost Icelandic version: Eg les i lofa þinum was the Icelandic entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in English by Eirikur
  • The Eg River Mongolian: Эгийн гол, Egiin gol is a river in the Khovsgol and Bulgan aimags in northern Mongolia. It is the only outflow of Lake Khovsgol
  • Eg is a town of almost 2, 500 residents in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. It is located at 34.0667 N latitude, 67.1167 longitude at an altitude of approximately

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