ⓘ Aldan River

Aldan River

ⓘ Aldan River

The Aldan River is the second-longest tributary of the Lena River in the Sakha Republic in eastern Siberia. The river is 2.273 kilometres long, of which around 1.600 kilometres is navigable. It was part of the River Route to Okhotsk. In 1639 Ivan Moskvitin ascended the Aldan and Maya Rivers and crossed to the Ulya River to reach the Sea of Okhotsk.


1. Course

It rises in the Stanovoy Mountains southwest of Neryungri, then flows northeast across the Aldan Highlands past Aldan and through Tommot, Ust-Maya, Eldikan and Khandyga before turning northwest and joining the Lena near Batamay.

The rivers main tributaries are the Amga River, Uchur River and Maya River. Its basin is known for gold and for Cambrian fossils.

  • km down the Lena to the Aldan up the Aldan River to Ust - Maya, then up the Maya River or its right branch, the Yudoma River Okhotsk: From either of
  • for further expeditions eastward. He sent his cossacks to explore the Aldan River and further down the Lena, to found new fortresses, and to collect taxes
  • Zhujiaqing Formation in Yunnan, China or the Pestrotsvet Formation near the Aldan River on the Siberian Platform. Kouchinsky, Artem Bengtson, Stefan Missarzhevsky
  • ran from Yakutsk up the Aldan river to the Maya River transferred to smaller boats, went up the Maya and south up the Mati River over the Lama portage
  • 1925, taking urgent measures to build a road from the Amur River across the river Aldan to Yakutsk, began in the same year and went full swing. In
  • the Dzhugdzhur Range and the Stanovoy Highlands, to the west by the Aldan River valley beyond which rises the Lena Plateau. To the northeast rises the
  • Relations of Yakutia 44.9 In 1996, operation began on the Neryungri - Aldan section. In 2002, freight traffic was opened on the site Neryungri - Tommot
  • part of Khangalassky District close to the A360 Lena Highway, not far from Aldan District. It flows roughly southeastwards. The Lyutenge meets the right
  • reaches of the river It was opened in 2006 with bisons imported from Canada. The river has its source in the northern part of the Aldan Highlands at an

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