ⓘ Stuart, Iowa

Stuart, Iowa

ⓘ Stuart, Iowa

Stuart is a city in Lincoln Township, Adair County, and in Stuart Township, Guthrie County, in the U.S. state of Iowa. That part of the city within Guthrie County is part of the Des Moines–West Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 1.648 at the 2010 census.

  • state of Iowa The route is signed in places as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Like all state highways in Iowa it is maintained by the Iowa Department
  • Lincoln Township is one of seventeen townships in Adair County, Iowa USA. At the 2010 census, its population was 926. Lincoln Township was organized in
  • Americans in the United States resided in what is now Iowa for thousands of years, the written history of Iowa begins with the proto - historic accounts of Native
  • James Ewell Brown Jeb Stuart February 6, 1833  May 12, 1864 was a United States Army officer from Virginia who became a Confederate States Army general
  • opponents such as Hubert Humphrey, Stuart Symington, and Adlai Stevenson II came from states which directly neighbored Iowa In the Spring of 1959, McDermott
  • east past Menlo, Iowa 925 was rejoined by the railroad, which crossed over the road to again flank the road s south side. Through Stuart the highway followed
  • county seat of Clinton County, Iowa United States. The population was 26, 885 as of 2010. Clinton, along with DeWitt, Iowa also located in Clinton County
  • school athletic conference made up of 1A and 2A schools in West Central Iowa Currently there are ten schools in the league. The current West Central
  • continues east. In eastern Iowa it provides access to the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Northwest of the Quad Cities in Walcott is Iowa 80, the world s largest
  • The Iowa Straw Poll also known as the Ames Straw Poll was a presidential straw poll and fundraising event for the Republican Party of Iowa It was held

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