ⓘ Willey, Iowa

Willey, Iowa

ⓘ Willey, Iowa

Willey is located at 41°58′37″N 94°49′12″W 41.977003, -94.820033.

According to the Bureau of US census, the town has a total area of 0.25 square miles 0.65 km 2, all of it land.

  • surviving to adulthood included John Jacob Polsley 1831 - 1866 Daniel Willey Polsley 1842 - 1888 and Edgar Athling Polsley 1847 - 1925 Some sources show
  • Carlile and Waitman T. Willey Senator Carlile objected that Congress had no right to impose emancipation on West Virginia, while Willey proposed a compromise
  • Company is an energy company based in Des Moines, Iowa Its service area includes almost two - thirds of Iowa as well as portions of Illinois, South Dakota
  • interests Weaver s campaign against Republican Governor Norman Bushnell Willey s declaration of martial law upon the miners, and against the absentee ownership
  • 203 - 204. Penn, Irvine Garland. The Afro - American press and its editors. Willey Company, 1891. p388 - 392 Williard B. Gatewood, Jr., Kate D. Chapman Reports
  • 1891 The Afro - American press and its editors. Springfield, Massachusetts: Willey Company. OCLC 503673564. Scruggs, Lawson Andrew 1893 Women of Distinction:
  • position he would hold until 1961 when he was replaced by Calvert L. Willey During Willey s term as Executive Director Executive Secretary 1961 1966 IFT
  • Senator from Missouri from 1821 to 1851 born 1782 August 23 Calvin Willey U.S. Senator from Connecticut from 1825 to 1831 born 1776 September 17
  • readmission of Virginia, Texas, and Mississippi, and the special elections in Iowa and Maine. Including the February 1871 readmission of Georgia. In these elections

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