ⓘ Edson Range

Edson Range

ⓘ Edson Range

Edson Range is a firing range complex at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, near Oceanside, California. It is named for Marine Major General "Red Mike" Edson, "a World War II Medal of Honor recipient and a distinguished small arms marksman proponent." This rifle-qualification complex is home to four of the largest firing ranges on the base. The range became operational on August 21, 1964, the same day that Camp Calvin B. Matthews, in La Jolla, Calif., was closed and turned over to the University of California. Camp Matthews had previously been used for rifle training.

While in the camp Pendleton, Edson range is organized as an Annex to the MCRD marine corps recruit depot marine corps in San Diego and is the basis of the range where marine recruits receive field and rifle training at boot camp. Two weeks of fire training followed a week of infantry field skills take place in the Edson range, which is known as "the North" by recruits and drill instructors in recruits in San Diego "down South". Cup, three to four day combat simulation with little food and sleep, also occurs here.

Edson range is also home to the "swift intruders", USA equipped Navy landing craft unit 5 who operate on a landing ship on air cushion LCAC, and train on the Edson landfill beaches and adjacent to the Pacific ocean.

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