ⓘ Wayland, Iowa

Wayland, Iowa

ⓘ Wayland, Iowa

Wayland is a city in Jefferson Township, Henry County, Iowa, United States. The population was 966 at the 2010 census. Wayland was originally known as Crooked Creek. Crooked Creek became a voting precinct October 5, 1840. The first burial is given to John Bullock in 1838. He came as a surveyor to this region in 1837. The need to establish a post office followed. Rufus M. Pickell, one of the local leaders, was appointed on February 3, 1843, postmaster for the land East of the Skunk River and South of Crooked Creek. Pickell was also a blacksmith by trade. Establishing a church followed, so the little log cabin Methodist Church was built in 1844. From 1851 to 1880 the town was known as Marshall. Christian Roth Sr. erected a brewery on his homestead in 1856, which was completed at a cost of over.000. Until its closing by laws passed in 1884, it had done a prosperous business and had a capacity of 10 barrels a day. Confusion over the name Marshall, Henry County and Marshalltown, Iowa, especially with mail getting mixed, required in 1879 a change in the smaller town relinquishing its name and taking up a new one in 1880. In the 1879 Henry County History book the following names can be found in Jefferson Township: Burrows, Clifton, Cook, Davies, Everts, Farmer, Hull, Jessup, Johnson, Manning, Mathews, Moore, Noble, Ressel, Sayles, Shively, Turney, Walker, Wallbank, Wiggins, and Williams.

  • Stanberry The east end was truncated to Wayland in 1926, when US 61 was designated over the part east to Iowa and later that decade Route 4 absorbed
  • April 27, 2011, outside of his vehicle following a minor accident in Wayland Township. According to the Kalamazoo Gazette, his car had, in darkness
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  • Division III: Alma 79, Moravian 75 NAIA Division I: Arkansas Tech 84, Wayland Baptist Texas 68 Division II: Northern State S.D. 73, Tarleton State
  • the surname Weston Weston software the reference implementation of a Wayland compositor Weston band a pop - punk indie band from Pennsylvania Weston

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