ⓘ Recruit Sustainment Program


ⓘ Recruit Sustainment Program

Recruit Sustainment Program is a program of the United States Army National Guard designed to introduce new recruits to the fundamentals of the U.S. Army before they leave to Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. The motto is "Paratus Preliator".

The program is based on the three signs of a struggle, which include to be mentally prepared to adjust and physically, together with the seven army values is denoted by the acronym LDRSHIP.

RSP consists of five phases. These include:

  • Red phase, which covers the recruits first drill.
  • Gold phase, soldiers who have completed both BCT and AIT and covers their last drill before reporting to their home unit.
  • Green phase, for recruits that have completed BCT and are awaiting AIT or who have enlisted under high school programs that require them to finish their senior year.
  • Blue Phase, the last drill before BCT.
  • White phase, from their second drill to the drill one month before shipping to BCT.

And in the CPRS recruits to do physical training to prepare for the rigors of the TSA. Initially, this 2-2-2 PT test, which consists of a 2 mile run, 2 minute push-UPS and 2 minutes sit-up. After the end of the green phase BCT, recruits must complete a standard army physical fitness test pumps series "apft". Typically, RSP recruits are pumps of the series "apft" in each exercise, except those in the Gold phase.

All recruits will receive a "soldiers Blue book". This book contains the information necessary to be successful while participating in the CPR. This includes the core values of the army, military time, rank structure, history salute hand, the General orders for sentries, and other relevant information.

Stripes for skills that often occurs during the Second drill allows particularly knowledgeable recruits to receive early promotion of the band based on demonstration of the skills they already have. These classes are often more hands on and usually include such topics as first aid, map reading, and drill and ceremony D& with

After the second drill the remaining white phase hands on training can occur. This suggests a more in-depth training in D& C, and weapon-handling. Recruits can learn the exercises, as military orders and operations, using "rubber ducks" fake rubber weapons meant to feel like their real-life counterparts.

Blue phase is the last exercise before the recruit leaves done, and usually includes inspiring questions and the amplifier,and with the green and Gold phase recruits about what to expect. Blue phase is a "crash course" everything about basic training that could be missed or ignored in the early stages.

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