ⓘ Cabinet Mountains

Cabinet Mountains

ⓘ Cabinet Mountains

The Cabinet Mountains are part of the Rocky Mountains, located in northwest Montana and the Idaho panhandle, in the United States. The mountains cover an area of 2.134 square miles. The Cabinet Mountains lie south of the Purcell Mountains, between the Kootenai River and Clark Fork River and Idahos Lake Pend Oreille. The Cabinet Mountains lie to the east of the Purcell Trench. The Cabinet Mountains form the north side of the Clark Fork River valley in Idaho and Montana. The Cabinet Mountains Wilderness is located east of the Bull River near Noxon, Montana in roughly the center of the range.

The highest peak on snowshoes 8.738 ft, 2.663 m peak 8.634 feet, 2.632 g, peak Bockman 8.174 ft, 2.491 m, and the elephant peak 7.938 m 2.433. Although at a lower altitude than many of the Rocky mountains to the East, in Montana, the Cabinet mountains offer a stark contrast as the surrounding river valleys at a relatively low altitude.

The cabinets are noted, along with the nearby Selkirk mountains to the West, as one of the most "wild" mountains left in the United States. They are inhabited by mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, black bear, grizzly bear, Wolverine, wolves and many smaller species.

The Cabinet of Ministers of mining and Geology is also considered to be potentially rich in minerals.

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