ⓘ Caldwell, Kansas

Caldwell, Kansas

ⓘ Caldwell, Kansas

Near Caldwell is a precontact Plains Village period settlement called the Buresh site, which has yielded clues about Native American lifeways prior to the arrival of people of European and African descent.

Caldwell was founded in 1871. It is named in honor of Senator Alexander Caldwell. Caldwell was incorporated as a city in 1879. The first post office in Caldwell was established in may 1871. The Chisholm trail ran along the East side of the community from 1867 to 1871.

In 1887, the Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska railway built a branch line North to South from Herington to Caldwell. This branch line connected Herington, lost springs, Lincolnville, Antelope, Marion, he, Peabody, Elbing, whitewater, furley, Kechi, Wichita, Peck, Corbin, Wellington, Caldwell. This branch line was extended to pond Creek, Oklahoma in 1888, and connected Caldwell, Renfrow, Medford, Jeffersons original pond, stream. By 1893, it was built in Fort worth, Texas. This railroad foreclosed in 1891 and was captured in Chicago, Rock island and Pacific railway, which shut down in 1980 and reorganized as Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas railroad, merged in 1988 with Missouri railroad of the Pacific, merged in 1997 with Union Pacific railroad. Most locals still refer to this railroad as the "Rock island".

In 1985, Caldwell 6th classes under the guidance of their teacher, Larry Miller began a successful campaign to have the ornate box turtle named the state reptile of Kansas. They have received support from across the country and on April 14, 1986, the Governor of Kansas came to the school and signed the bill, adding a new official symbol of the state of Kansas.

During the annual homecoming celebration in the fall of 1986, mayor Caldwell signed the proclamation, declaring that Caldwell will forever be known as the "ornate box Turtle capital of the world" and a few years later, a professional wildlife artist was hired to paint a portrait of ornate box turtle on the side of a building in the city centre, on the main street.

  • Caldwell County is a county in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 38, 066. Its county seat is Lockhart. The county was founded
  • Bill Caldwell IV born January 24, 1954 is a retired United States Army officer and the current President of Georgia Military College. Caldwell s final
  • Free - Staters was the name given to settlers in Kansas Territory during the Bleeding Kansas period in the 1850s who opposed the expansion of slavery.
  • Linn County, Kansas - 46, 576 12 Bates County, Missouri - 45, 605 13 Caldwell County, Missouri - 44, 975 14 Wyandotte County, Kansas 42, 783 In 2015
  • returned one interception for a 20 - yard touchdown against Kansas State University. Caldwell was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round 77th
  • William B. Caldwell III July 20, 1925 March 17, 2013 was a United States Army general who served 32 years in the U.S. Army and retired as the Fifth
  • The following media outlets serve the Kansas City metropolitan area. Camp Magazine, local LGBT news, monthly Ingram s Magazine, local business news, monthly
  • Kansas United States. It is located at S Meridian Ave and W 119th St S, about 2 miles west of the Kansas Star Casino. In 1887, the Chicago, Kansas and
  • Kansas United States. In 1887, the Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway built a branch line north - south from Herington through Corbin to Caldwell It
  • James Ray Caldwell known as Jim R. Caldwell born 1936 is a retired Church of Christ minister in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who was a Republican member of the

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