ⓘ AN/SPQ-9


ⓘ AN/SPQ-9

AN/SPQ-9A, is a United States Navy multi-purpose surface search & fire control radar used with the Mk-86 gun fire-control system. It is a two dimensional surface-search radar, meaning it provides only range and bearing but not elevation. It is intended primarily to detect & track targets at sea level, on the surface of the water for either gun fire engagement or navigation. It can however, also detect and track low altitude air targets.

  • failure, killing two of 16 on board. September 8 A VASP C - 47B registration PP - SPQ struck a house and crashed just after takeoff from São Paulo, killing all
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  • and surface defense systems, including: AN SPQ - 9 B Radar AN SSQ - 129A Shipboard Protection System AN SPS - 74 Radar AN SPY - 3 Multi - Function Radar MFR Close - In
  • to the main radar, the Hobarts will be fitted with a Northrop Grumman AN SPQ - 9 B X - band pulse Doppler horizon search radar, a Raytheon Mark 99 fire - control
  • ship equipped with the Standard missile. The destroyers also had a single SPQ - 2 radar for low - altitude air and surface search, and a 3M20 navigation radar
  • of Honor was Peterson s sister, Mrs. John F. Elliott. She commissioned on 9 July 1977 and decommissioned on 4 October 2002. 1979 - Persian Gulf deployment
  • warning superiors that additional safety measures were needed on the ship. On 9 May 2017, a South Korean fishing vessel about 60 to 70 feet 18 to 21 m
  • NFR Northeast Frontier Zone Railway Enquiry Sharma, Gaurav. SPQ Sorupeta Railway Station Map Atlas NFR Northeast Frontier Zone Railway

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