ⓘ Acacia heterophylla

Acacia heterophylla

ⓘ Acacia heterophylla

Acacia heterophylla, the highland tamarind, is a tree endemic to Reunion island where it is commonly named tamarin des hauts The tree has a juvenile stage where its leaves have a pinnate arrangement, but in the adult stage the leaves diminish and the phyllode becomes the dominant photosynthetic structure.

It was introduced to Madagascar, where it grows in a humid climate at an altitude of 500-1000 m above sea level.

DNA analysis showed the closest relative of acacia Koa in Hawaii, the approximate time of divergence is about 1.4 million years ago. A. pseudostellaria sequence nest in those of more variety, A. Koa, making the latter species paraphyletic. Both species descended from ancestral species in Australia, presumably their sister species, acacia melanoxylon, means of dispersal to Hawaii and then to réunion last trip a distance of 18.000 km, believed to have been the seed-holding on birds such as petrels seeds of these species are not suitable for prolonged immersion in sea water. Both species also have very similar ecological niches, which differ from A. Black.