ⓘ Brampton Centre (provincial electoral district)

Brampton Centre (provincial electoral district)

ⓘ Brampton Centre (provincial electoral district)

Brampton Centre is a provincial electoral district in central Ontario, Canada that elects one Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. It was originally created in 1999 from Brampton North and Brampton South. It was abolished in 2007 into Brampton West and Brampton - Springdale. For the 2018 election, it was re-created from Bramalea - Gore - Malton, Brampton - Springdale, and Mississauga - Brampton South.

Former riding included Brampton West of Dixie road and East of a line following McLaughlin road to Bovaird Drive to main street Steeles Avenue at Kennedy road.

  • Therese Faubert, League for Socialist Action candidate in Brampton in the 1977 Ontario provincial election Frank Lowery, Ontario New Democratic Party candidate
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