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Neumunster is an urban municipality in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. With more than 79.000 registered inhabitants, it is the fourth-largest municipality in Schleswig-Holstein.

  • The Hans Fallada Prize is a German literary prize given by the city of Neumunster in the German state of Schleswig - Holstein. Since 1981 it has been normally
  • Hamburg and Denmark or Kiel also stop in Neumunster On 4 April 2009, DB Regio took operations of the Kiel Neumunster regional service back from Nord - Ostsee - Bahn
  • Hamburger Hochbahn has operated services from Neumunster to Bad Segeberg on the reactivated Neumunster Bad Oldesloe railway HVV line R 11 From 14 December
  • length is 87 kilometres 54 mi The Stor rises east of Neumunster and flows west through Neumunster Kellinghusen, and Itzehoe. The Stor joins the Elbe
  • and Billund, Denmark. The town lies on the Neumunster - Heide railway and offers connections to Neumunster and Heide. Statistikamt Nord Bevolkerung
  • Itzehoe track 4: regional services from Neumunster to Busum track 5: regional services from Busum to Neumunster Until 2011, the tracks were used as follows:
  • founded, today s Altona Kaltenkirchen Neumunster Railway Company and in 1883 works started for the Hamburg - Altona Neumunster railway line. On 8 September 1884
  • the BundesstraSe 4 from Hamburg to Neumunster and the Bundesautobahn 7, which also goes from Hamburg to Neumunster Kampen was originally a farm and Springhirsch
  • The approximately 34 km - long Neumunster Flensburg railway, funded by local interests, was opened by the Rendsburg - Neumunster Railway Company Rendsburg - Neumunstersche

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