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ⓘ Witzenhausen

Witzenhausen is a small town in the Werra-MeiSner-Kreis in northeastern Hesse, Germany.

It received city rights in 1225, and until 1974, it was the district seat.

The University of Kassel maintains a satellite campus in Witzenhausen at which is offered the program of ecological agricultural Sciences, which is unique in the country. It also puts Witzenhausen Germany small campuses. In addition, the doctrine DEULA Institute for environment and technology, agriculture, horticulture and landscaping. The town is also nationally known for the invention of the Biotonne container of biological refuse in 1983, and as an important cherry-growing area, it is said to be Europes largest offline cherry-growing area. Cherries are traditional in Witzenhausen, which has led to annual Kesperkirmes, or" cherry fair” Kesper is a regional name for the cherry, the standard German word is Kirsche, which has chosen Cherry Queen Kirschenkonigin it.

  • of The Australian newspaper. From the Desk of Eugene Flockhart 1966 Witzenhausen Where Are You? 1968 A Lesson in English 1976 It s a Chocolate World
  • villages of Asbach - Sickenberg, Vatterode, and Weidenbach Hennigerode Kreis Witzenhausen with 429 inhabitants and 7.61 square kilometres of land fell in Soviet
  • University of Gottingen and published editions of numerous texts. Born in Witzenhausen and educated in Kassel, Schroder studied German studies at the Universities
  • Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Reinhold Leuchter Linien - und Verkehrsbetrieb Stadtwerke Witzenhausen GmbH Taxi Schmidt Trumner - Reisen UWAG Bus GmbH Verkehrsgesellschaft Mittelhessen
  • its name to the range Helsa and Nieste. The larger towns of Kassel, Witzenhausen and Hessisch Lichtenau lie on the western, eastern and southern fringes
  • ISBN 9788862570640. Edited by Massimo Sordi and Steffania Rosl. 2007: Innocence Now, Witzenhausen gallery, Amsterdam, 5 January 10 February 2007. 2007 2008: Photographic
  • The remaining freight traffic from Eichenberg to the paper mill at Witzenhausen Sud was abandoned on 31 December 2001. In 1989, the Eichenberg Arenshausen
  • historic and endangered domestic animal breeds. The GEH was founded in Witzenhausen in Hesse, central Germany, in 1981. In 1987 it established the criteria

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