ⓘ United States Navy ships

United States Navy ships

ⓘ United States Navy ships

The names of commissioned ships of the United States Navy all start with USS, for "United States Ship". Non-commissioned, primarily civilian-manned vessels of the U.S. Navy under the Military Sealift Command have names that begin with USNS, standing for "United States Naval Ship". A letter-based hull classification symbol is used to designate a vessels type. The names of ships are selected by the Secretary of the Navy. The names are those of states, cities, towns, important persons, important locations, famous battles, fish, and ideals. Usually, different types of ships have names originated from different types of sources.

Modern aircraft carriers and submarines use nuclear reactors for power. Cm. United States naval reactor for information on classification schemes and the history of nuclear ships.

Modern cruisers, destroyers and frigates are called surface and act mainly as escorts of aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, auxiliary and civilian vessels, but the largest of them received Land attack role with cruise missiles, and protecting population, the role of missile defense.

To see list of ships of the Navy of the United States for a more complete listing of ships past and present.

  • United States ship naming conventions for the U.S. Navy were established by Congressional action at least as early as 1862. Title Thirteen, Chapter Six
  • Hospital ships of many types have been part of the United States Navy at least since 1798. Their special status has been internationally recognised under
  • a list of ships of the line of the United States Navy Because of the operating expense, a number of these were never launched. These ships were maintained
  • Equipment of the United States Navy have been subdivided into: watercraft, aircraft, munitions, vehicles, and small arms. Commissioned surface ships and submarines
  • The history of the United States Navy divides into two major periods: the Old Navy but a small respected force of sailing ships that was also notable
  • organization within the Department of Defense of the United States of America. The Secretary of the Navy must be a civilian by law, at least 5 years removed
  • The United States Navy Nurse Corps was officially established by Congress in 1908 however, unofficially, women had been working as nurses aboard Navy ships
  • ships used in the service of the United States or of the Colonial Forces of the United States Revolutionary War six of which were United States Navy

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