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Kje is a letter of the Cyrillic script, used only in the Macedonian alphabet, where it represents the voiceless palatal plosive /c, or the voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate /tɕ/. Kje is the 24th letter in this alphabet. It is romanized as ⟨ḱ⟩ or sometimes ⟨kj⟩.

Words with this sound are most often cognates to those in Serbo-Croatian with ⟨ћ⟩/⟨c⟩ and in Bulgarian with ⟨щ⟩, ⟨т⟩ or ⟨к⟩. For example, Macedonian ноќ noḱ, night corresponds to Serbo-Croatian ноћ/ noc, and Bulgarian нощ nosht. The common surname ending -ic is spelled -иќ in Macedonian.

  • 1952 Soncna reber 1953 Tam gori za hramom 1956 Ugasla dolina 1956 Kje ste, Lamutovi? 1958 Vidim te, Veronika 1959 Črni labirinti 1960 Nebo
  • major highways, the Bukit Timah Expressway BKE and Kranji Expressway KJE and is a quick gateway to and from other towns. As such, many drivers coming
  • A Christmas Tale 2003 Snezinka Pepinka Pepinka the Snowflake 2004 Kje je moja kapica? Where is My Hat? 2004 Mucka Čiribucka Mittypins the Kitten
  • Jurong Road into Pan Island Expressway. As the amount of traffic using the KJE and PIE to Jurong Industrial Estate increased, the Land Transport Authority
  • the villagers resettled there. When the village was cleared, the PIE and KJE projects started in the area, leading to the creation of Jurong West Avenue
  • branch line. The route has Engineers line references ELRs BTL, KJE 1, KJE 2, KJE 3, WJB and TTH. Also formerly PSC between Polegate and Stone Cross Junctions
  • most well - known songs are: Med iskrenimi ljudmi, Ribic ribic me je ujel, Kje je tista trava, Sustarski most cover of Waterloo Road Prelepa si bela
  • retiring in 2017. The Kranji Expressway KJE links Choa Chu Kang Town up with Singapore s expressway network. With the KJE drivers can change onto the Bukit
  • were Byen med det store hjertet Kioskdamen Annen Violin and Vi e kje nokke, vi He chaired the Norwegian Comedy Writers Association for 20 years

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