ⓘ Springfield Municipal Opera

Springfield Municipal Opera

ⓘ Springfield Municipal Opera

Originally conceived on April 21, 1950 as a not-for-profit theatrical organization, the Springfield Municipal Opera Association transformed a 55-acre wheat field into an outdoor amphitheater. On June 17, 1950, nearly 3.000 people viewed the opening night performance of its first production, "The Merry Widow".

Muni flourished until a series of failures in mid-1950-ies and a major fire in 1963 destroyed part of the services. A second fire the following year destroyed what was left.

With the hope of a revival was staged in Douglas Park in 1964, test production of "bye birdie." The Springfield community responded with such enthusiasm that he was able to rebuild his business and return to the lake site theater in 1965. In that year over 6.000 sounds like "music man" and "South Pacific".

In 1967 he produced three of the show, "Brigadoon", "guys and dolls" and "Camelot" and attendance grew to 14.375. Muni bravely staged his first four-production season in 1972, "youre a good man, Charlie brown", "1776", "the luckiest guy", "the Sound of music" and attendance had jumped to more than 17.000.

In 2006, it served its one millionth patron during the run Elton John and Tim rices "Aida" with a special celebration on July 29.

Muni continues to produce four shows a season and became one of the largest theaters in the Midwest. It is considered the largest organization of its kind in the country, which is a fully self-supporting, dependent neither from grants or taxes.