ⓘ Dinosapien


ⓘ Dinosapien

Dinosapien is an American/British/Canadian childrens television program produced jointly by BBC Worldwide and Cambium Catalyst International with SEVEN24 Films.

Overall 15 episodes were made, each 21 and half minutes long 30 minutes total when factoring in commercials. The series is filmed in Bragg Creek, Alberta. The program made its debut on March 24, 2007 on Discovery Kids and CBBC. The series ended on June 30, 2007. Each program contains around six minutes of CGI. Brittney Wilson stars as Lauren Slayton, Suzanna Hamilton as Dr. Slayton and James Coombes as the villain, Dr. Aikens. Because of the Native Americans role in the series, the show could possibly be loosely based on Turok. Dinosapien aired on Discovery Kids for its original run, and also briefly aired on The Hub until March 24, 2012.

Sci-fi veteran David Winning directed the pilot and first three episodes and Brendan Sheppard, known for his work on Doctor Who DVDs, directed five episodes. Marc Lougee, veteran of several award-winning animated series including MTVs Celebrity Deathmatch and the CBCs What Its Like Being Alone directed CG animation and Visual Effects/2nd unit for the series prior to filming The Pit and the Pendulum, a stop motion animated adaptation of Edgar Allan Poes classic tale. The Pit and the Pendulum was executive produced by animation icon Mr. Ray Harryhausen, joined by DINOSAPIEN producer Pete Denomme and Fred Fuchs.


1. Premise

The program focuses on what would happen if dinosaurs had continued to exist and evolve into more intelligent beings Lauren mentions in the opening credits "Everyone thinks dinosaurs are extinct, but what if theyre wrong?". It is set at Dinosaur Explorer Camp, a dinosaur-themed summer camp in Canada, where Dr. Hillary Slayton lives with her teenage daughter Lauren. Dr Slaytons husband Alan mysteriously disappeared on a fossil expedition into the Badlands and her daughter hasnt come to terms with his disappearance. Lauren is, however, the first human to encounter one of the evolved dinosaurs, which she eventually gets to know. Throughout the series Dr. Slayton befriends Dr. Aikens who later turns villainous and Lauren makes lots of friends before finding out more about dinosaurs and her fathers disappearance.


2. Cast

  • Jeffrey Watson as Chris Langhorn
  • Brittney Wilson as Lauren Slayton
  • Dean Manywounds as Ten Bears
  • MacKenzie Porter as Courtney
  • Bronson Pelletier as Kit Whitefeather
  • Brendan Meyer as Nelson Ort
  • Suzanna Hamilton as Dr. Hilary Slayton
  • Alexandra Gingras as Danny Ort
  • James Coombes as Dr. Clive Aikens

2.1. Cast Dinosaurs

Eno - A 6-foot-tall 1.8 m theropod teenage dinosaur who is pale green with red and yellow stripes along his back, has a grey underbelly, pheasant-like feathers on the head like human hair and tail, yellow hawk-like forward eyes, feet like a dromaeosaur, and a short snout. In fact, Lauren confirmed that Enos kind evolved from the species Dromaeosaurus. Like a parrot, Eno can copy and use words almost in context, but despite his intelligence, he has a four-year-old childs grammar when he talks. Eno is known to make squawking sounds similar to that of a bird, and quite sensitive to high-pitched sounds; they have a tendency to scare and drive him away. He is also known for climbing trees, but only for hiding or escaping. Judging from an incident when Eno was seen eating hot dogs and leaves, he is possibly omnivorous.

The Diggers - Two rather goofy bipedal cross-between Prenocephale and Pinacosaurus, but with little arms like a T. rex. Their species is described as "Ornithosapien" by Danny and Nelson in episode 12. They are insectivores. They are Enos enemies, and they chase him persistently. They also chase everyone else and seem just evil. They can make things and use tools. They have a weakness though; they can be disabled temporarily by very bright lights shown by nictitating eyelids. Lauren has nicknamed them Green Eyes the male and Cerepta the female. The Diggers were apparently killed in the final episode in the Badlands when the Thunderbird cloud ignited Aikens dynamite stash. This is not certain, since Aikens survived the explosion making it possible that they could have as well. Since Cerepta is female and the leader of the duo it might hint that in their species the females are most dominant.