ⓘ Schwelm


ⓘ Schwelm

Schwelm is situated in the southeast of the Ruhrgebiet ", the Ruhr district of Germany, between Westphalia and the Bergisches Land ". Schwelm is commonly known as the Pforte Westfalens "Gate to Westphalia".

Schwelm is called the "city of neighborhoods". It consists of the following 13 districts:

  • Ossenkamp.
  • Parliament. (Парламент)
  • Rote Wasser. (Механическое Вассер)
  • Linderhausen.
  • Winterberg. (Винтерберг)
  • Oehde.
  • Fronhof. (Фронхоф)
  • Zur alten Post. (ЦУР Альтен пост)
  • Mollenkotten. (Бергиш Ланд)
  • Aechte de Muer. (Aechte де Муэр)
  • Loh. (Лох)
  • Brunnen. (Бруннен)
  • Oberstadt.
  • Flight was a German aircraft manufacturer founded by Martin Rutter based in Schwelm The company specialized in the design and manufacture of powered parachutes
  • Yamauchi, Hiromi Kawasumi, Susumu Takano 3: 03.86 Q West Germany Peter Schwelm Mark Henrich, Klaus Just, Edgar Itt 3: 03.87 Q Australia Robert Stone
  • railway from Doppersberg, near the current Wuppertal Hauptbahnhof, to Schwelm that was opened by the Bergisch - Markische Railway Company on 9 October
  • Wilhelm Gocke 12 February 1898, Schwelm German Empire 20 October 1944, Fontana Liri, Italy was an SS - Standartenfuhrer, SS - Obersturmbannfuhrer der
  • located between the OdoakerstraSe Odoacer street and the Schwelmer StraSe Schwelm street It was built from 1768 to 1786 the first service took place on
  • bearing the academic degree of Doctor of Law. Degenhardt was born in Schwelm Westphalia. After studying law from 1952 to 1956 in Cologne and Freiburg
  • 04, Club Brugge and Borussia Dortmund. In 1969, FC Schalke 04 paid FC Schwelm 06 38, 000 Deutsche Mark to sign promising stopper Russmann, who did not
  • Neukirchen - Vluyn, Oberhausen, Recklinghausen, Rheinberg, Schermbeck, Schwelm Schwerte, Selm, Sonsbeck, Sprockhovel, Unna, Voerde, Waltrop, Werne, Wesel

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