ⓘ Highlandville, Missouri

Highlandville, Missouri

ⓘ Highlandville, Missouri

Highlandville is a city in Christian County, Missouri, United States. The population was 911 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.

  • Rep. Jered Taylor R - Nixa Consists of the communities of Clever, Highlandville Nixa, and Spokane. District 140 - Rep. Lynn Morris R - Ozark Consists
  • association is the Spokane Highlandville Chamber of Commerce, denoting the strong link the communities of Spokane and Highlandville to the north. Spokane has
  • edge of the Springfield Plateau, at an elevation of 1, 388 ft 423 m Highlandville is approximately three miles west on U.S. Route 65 and Ozark is about
  • where it has a mission, to Scottsdale, Arizona and finally to Highlandville Missouri There, Pruter served as the pastor of the Cathedral of the Prince
  • under construction and is located in the Ozark Mountains near Highlandville Missouri In 2005, Huff founded the Pensmore Foundation whose National Taxonomy
  • years headquartered at the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace, in Highlandville Missouri At a later date, the Liberal Catholic Church of Ontario Canada
  • 714 Marshfield Pop: 7, 138 Battlefield Pop: 6, 001 Willard Pop: 5, 454 Highlandville Pop: 915 Reeds Spring Pop: 886 Rockaway Beach Pop: 857 Fremont Hills
  • Gazetteer, DeLorme, 1998, First edition, p. 62, ISBN 0 - 89933 - 224 - 2 Highlandville MO, 7.5 Minute Topographic Quadrangle, USGS, 1955 1876 rev. Stone
  • the topic of peace. In his later years Pruter made his home in Highlandville Missouri He gained notice for Christ Catholic Church when he converted
  • Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. In Missouri cities are classified into three types: Class 3, Class 4, and those under constitutional

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