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ⓘ Thionville

Thionville) is a commune in the northeastern French department of Moselle. The city is located on the left bank of the river Moselle, opposite its suburb Yutz.

  • Konigsmachern or Koenigsmacker is a fortification located to the northeast of Thionville in the Moselle department of France. It was built by Germany next to the
  • Luxembourg, along with the nearby town of Thionville The commune is located on the N53 highway, which runs from Thionville north to Luxembourg. Hettange - Grande
  • Ouvrage Sentzich is part of the Fortified Sector of Thionville of the Maginot Line. The petit ouvrage for infantry is located to the south of gros ouvrage
  • politician who was a member of the National Assembly of France. Born in Thionville she represented the Moselle department, and was a member of the Union
  • town is located by the river Moselle where it borders with the city of Thionville The famous Basse Yutz Flagons, considered by many to be the apogee of
  • called Ouvrage Oberheide, forms a portion of the Fortified Sector of Thionville of the Maginot Line in northeast France. The petit ouvrage d infanterie
  • defensive midfielder for Thionville Metz, Laval, Strasbourg, Tours, Lens and Quimper. He also served as manager of Thionville between 1992 and 2000. He
  • It is located 20 km 12 mi north of Metz and 20 km 12 mi south of Thionville La Tour de Guet, a tower from the twelfth century, is found within the
  • 2014 portant suppression des arrondissements de Boulay - Moselle, de Chateau - Salins, de Thionville - Ouest et de Metz - Campagne departement de la Moselle
  • Moselle departement. Moselle s 9th constituency consists of the city of Thionville close to the border with Luxembourg and the surrounding more rural areas

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