ⓘ Graham, Missouri

Graham, Missouri

ⓘ Graham, Missouri

Graham was originally called Jacksonville, and under the latter name was platted in 1856. The present name is after Col. Amos Graham, a local clerk. A post office called Graham was in operation from 1852 until the building was demolished in 2014.

Simpson College was included in the national register of historic places in 1978.

  • Graham v. John Deere Co., 383 U.S. 1 1966 was a case in which the United States Supreme Court clarified the nonobviousness requirement in United States
  • Graham Anderson Martin September 22, 1912 March 13, 1990 was an American diplomat. He was the ambassador to Thailand and as U.S. representative to
  • Graham Stanton Harrell born May 22, 1985 is an American football coach and former quarterback who currently serves as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks
  • George Graham Vest December 6, 1830  August 9, 1904 was a U.S. politician. Born in Frankfort, Kentucky, he was known for his skills in oration and debate
  • The Missouri State Fair is the state fair for the state of Missouri which has operated since 1901 in Sedalia, Missouri It includes daily concerts, exhibits
  • War, the secession of Missouri was controversial because of the disputed status of the state of Missouri During the war, Missouri was claimed by both the
  • Use - of - force law in Missouri refers to the law legal doctrine which determine whether a member of law enforcement in the state of Missouri is justified in
  • Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. In Missouri cities are classified into three types: Class 3, Class 4, and those under constitutional

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