ⓘ Weston, Missouri

Weston, Missouri

ⓘ Weston, Missouri

Weston is a city in Platte County, Missouri within the United States. The population was 1.641 at the 2010 census. It lies within the Kansas City metropolitan area.

  • of the floodplain past the community of Weston and enters the Missouri along the west boundary of the Weston Bend State Park at 39 23 40 N 94 53 34 W
  • church located at the junction of MO P and Woodruff Road in Weston Platte County, Missouri It was built in 1844, and is a one - story, rectangular, brick
  • which two Federals were killed. In December his band briefly captured Weston Missouri Gordon stole county records from the courthouse and threatened to
  • after running out of ammunition. Gordon with 30 to 40 men captured Weston Missouri in early December and carried off two Federal soldiers as captives
  • Kaw R. where slaves escaping Little Dixie tobacco plantations around Weston Missouri could stop running, being in Free Kansas, and said to be original
  • In 1871, he walked backwards for 200 miles around St. Louis, Missouri in 41 hours. Weston spent 8 years touring Europe, starting in 1876 in England where
  • State of Missouri v. State of Iowa, 48 U.S. 7 How. 660 1849 is a 9 - to - 0 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States which held that the Sullivan
  • Missouri Route 273 at West Platte. It turns to the west and passes through the south part of Weston Bend State Park. The confluence with the Missouri

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