ⓘ Shark (disambiguation)

Shark (disambiguation)

ⓘ Shark (disambiguation)

  • The Headington Shark, or just The Shark, a 1986 sculpture in Headington, Oxford, England

1. Businesses, organisations and brand names

  • Showing Animals Respect and Kindness SHARK, an animal rights organization
  • Shark helmet manufacturer, France
  • Shark, a brand of vacuum cleaner
  • Shark Energy, a drink

2. Military

  • The Sharks Royal Navy, a helicopter display team 1975–1992
  • Typhoon-class submarine, native name Akula Russian Акула,Shark
  • HMS Shark, the name of several Royal Navy ships
  • USS Shark, the name of several U.S. Navy ships
  • Blackburn Shark, a British carrier-borne torpedo bomber aircraft
  • PNS Hangor S131, a 1969 Pakistan Navy submarine nicknamed "The Shark"

3. Places

  • Shark Peak, Antarctica
  • Shark Valley, Miami-Dade County, Florida, U.S.
  • Shark, Arkansas, U.S.
  • Shark Lake, Goldfields-Esperance region, Western Australia

4. Science and technology

  • Soft Hard Real-Time Kernel S.Ha.R.K. or SHaRK, a component-based real-time kernel architecture
  • ShapeWriter, formerly Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding SHARK, a data input method
  • Shark, an IBM Enterprise Storage Server
  • Shark, a World War II Enigma cipher
  • SHARK, a block cipher in cryptography
  • Shark, a release of VP-Info database language
  • Shark application, an Apple software development optimization tool
  • Shark 3D, software

5. Sports teams

  • Los Angeles Sharks, an ice hockey team 1972–1974
  • Orlando Sharks, an American indoor soccer team
  • Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, an Australian rugby league team
  • Nova Southeastern Sharks, university athletics teams
  • Sharks F.C., a Nigerian football team
  • Sharks rugby union, a South African rugby union team
  • Jacksonville Sharks, an indoor American football team
  • Sheffield Sharks, an English basketball team
  • Worcester Sharks, an American ice hockey team
  • Jacksonville Sharks WFL, a former American football team
  • Shanghai Sharks, a Chinese basketball team
  • Bucks County Sharks, an American rugby league team
  • East Fremantle Football Club, nicknamed the Sharks, an Australian rules football club
  • San Jose Sharks, an American ice hockey team
  • Sale Sharks, an English rugby union team
  • Hull F.C., an English rugby league team once known as Hull Sharks
  • Darlington Mowden Park Sharks, an English womens rugby union club


6. Transportation

  • Shark, a version of the Rotopress garbage truck
  • Shark, an American speedboat used by Circle Line Downtown
  • Shark 24, a yacht
  • Dudek Shark, a Polish paraglider
  • Shark.Aero Shark, a Slovak ultra-light aircraft
  • Fly-Fan Shark, a Slovak light aircraft
  • Sharking may refer to: Card sharking or sharping, use of skill and or deception to win at card games Pool sharking which has multiple meanings Loan sharking
  • with titles beginning with Sharq Ash Sharqiyah disambiguation East disambiguation Shark disambiguation Mashriq, the historical region of the Arab world
  • information Mons Meg, a medieval bombard located at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland Megalodon, an extinct shark Megalodon disambiguation MEG disambiguation
  • The Great White or Great White may also refer to: Great white shark a species of shark Great white egret, a species of egret Great white heron, several
  • Megalodon or C. megalodon is a species of giant prehistoric shark Megalodon may also refer to: Megalodon bivalve a genus of fossil bivalves. Megalodon
  • professional rugby league team nicknamed the Sharkies Pomona 12th Street Sharkies, a street gang in Pomona, California, United States Shark disambiguation
  • Landshark, land shark or land - shark may refer to: Pit bull, a dog breed Speculator, in real estate Land Shark Saturday Night Live a recurring SNL character
  • with Sharks is a 1994 American comedy - drama film, directed and written by George Huang. Swimming with Sharks may also refer to: Swimming with Sharks album
  • Escape tunnel Immersed tunnel Ley tunnel Pedestrian tunnel disambiguation Secret tunnel Shark tunnel Ski tunnel Smuggling tunnel Submerged floating tunnel
  • Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship, a 2004 album by Chris Tomlin Adore Amy Shark song 2016 Adore Cashmere Cat song 2015, featuring Ariana Grande.

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