ⓘ .mw


ⓘ .mw

.mw is the Internet country code top-level domain for Malawi. In 2002 the IANA recommended that administration of the ccTLD be transferred to the Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme from Computer Solutions LTD

Prices domains are US$100 for the first two years, followed by $50 per year.


1. Second-level domains

In addition to registrations directly at the second level, it is also possible to register third-level names beneath these names. For the most part, the descriptions of the types of organizations each domain is for are advisory, and are not enforced.

  • - an alternative for commercial organisations
  • - international treaty organisations
  • - cooperative associations
  • - degree granting academic institutions
  • - restricted to government preferably Malawi Government
  • - commercial organisations
  • - non-profit making organisations
  • - networking organisations
  • - museums, historical, documentation or display organisations
  • - academic institutions