ⓘ 1719 in music


ⓘ 1719 in music

  • In Japan, the Kumiodori dance form is created by Chokun Tamagusuku.
  • Jean-Baptiste Morin becomes "maitre de musique" to Louise-Adelaïde, daughter of the Duke of Orleans.
  • February – George Frideric Handel leaves his employment at Cannons the seat of the Duke of Chandos to become musical director of the Royal Academy of Music 1719. Giovanni Bononcini is brought to London to compose for the Academy.
  • November 29 – Domenico Scarlatti arrives in Lisbon to take up his post as kapellmeister to João V of Portugal.
  • Alessandro Scarlatti arrives in Rome.
  • Bernhard Christoph Breitkopf founds the firm of Breitkopf & Hartel in Leipzig, the worlds oldest music publisher.
  • August 20 – Francesco Veracini performs at the palace of Moritzburg for the wedding of the Crown Prince to Maria Josepha of Austria.
  • Giuseppe Pitoni becomes choirmaster of St Peters in Rome.
  • Antonio Stradivarius makes the "Duke of Marlborough" cello.
  • Johann Mattheson becomes kapellmeister to the Duke of Holstein.

1. Classical music

  • Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 presumed date of original composition
  • Jacques-Martin Hotteterre – LArt de preluder sur la flûte traversiere, Op. 7 published in Paris

2. Deaths

  • Michael Mietke, maker of harpsichords and harps born c.1656/1671
  • Andre Raison, organist and composer born 1650
  • January 19 – Joachim Tielke, German instrument-maker born 1641
  • date unknown
  • May – John Lenton, violinist, singer and composer
  • Juan de Navas, harpist and composer born c.1650
  • July 28 buried – Arp Schnitger, organ builder born 1648
  • July – Johann Valentin Meder, organist, singer and composer born 1649
  • probable
  • Francesco Antonio Urio, composer born 1631
  • Johann Speth, composer