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WeiSenfels is the largest town of the Burgenlandkreis district, in southern Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is situated on the river Saale, approximately 30 km south of Halle.

  • Residenz der Herzoge von Sachsen - WeiSenfels Festschrift., Weissenfels 1994. Friedrich Gerhardt: Die Geschichte von WeiSenfels a. S. mit neuen Beitragen zur
  • Albrecht of Saxe - Weissenfels 14 April 1659 in Halle 9 May 1692 in Leipzig was a German prince of the House of Wettin. He was the fifth and youngest
  • the House of Wettin and Duke of Saxe - Weissenfels - Dahme. He was the sixth son of Augustus, Duke of Saxe - Weissenfels but first - born from his second marriage
  • Johanna Magdalene of Saxe - Weissenfels 17 March 1708 25 January 1760 was a Duchess consort of Courland. She married the Duke of Courland, Ferdinand
  • Handballverein 91 e.V. a.k.a. WHV 91 is a German women s handball club from Weissenfels It was founded in 1991, following the reunification of Germany, from
  • Kapp Weissenfels is a headland on Svenskoya in Kong Karls Land, Svalbard. It is the most eastern point of Svenskoya, and the headland has a length of
  • 1686 in WeiSenfels was a member of the House of Wettin. She was a Duchess of Saxe - Altenburg by birth and by marriage a Duchess of Saxe - Weissenfels - Querfurt

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