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Slacker Cats is an animated ABC Family series that premiered on August 13, 2007. It was created using Adobe Flash.

The show was initially marketed as a childrens show, but in later advertising and in press kits issued to the media, it was clearly indicated that the show included a more adult tone and themes. The shows 10PM broadcast time further illustrated that its target was an adult audience. The program was rated TV-14, and was the fourth adult animated series produced by Disney, the other three being The PJs, which aired on Fox, Clerks: The Animated Series, which aired on ABC, and Clone High, which was a co-production of MTV and Teletoon, and is the only adult animated show from Disney to not be produced at Touchstone Television, now known as ABC Studios.

Slacker Cats was animated by Film Roman, the same company that animates The Simpsons and King of the Hill and produced by Laika. It features the voice talents of comedians Harland Williams and Sinbad in the lead roles. It was created by Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil, who also served as executive producers along with animation director Seth Kearsley, who designed the characters.

Slacker Cats was canceled on September 17, 2007 after six episodes. A second season premiered on the ABC Family website on January 19, 2009, and was released on iTunes and Xbox Live Marketplace. The second season was numbered as a continuation of the first season, episodes 7 through 12.


1. Plot

Slacker Cats is about two cats and their quotidian, strange and outrageous adventures. The animation style is similar to contemporary cartoons such as Family Guy. Main plots of the show revolve around Buckley and Eddies schemes to escape the everyday monotony of being house cats by taking advantage of humans as well as other cats to freewheel themselves in the fictional city of Wendell, California.


2.1. Cast and characters Buckley

One of the two main protagonists of Slacker Cats, along with Eddie. He is a cat owned by Louise, living in her apartment. He is clever by cat standards, but he thinks he is much more clever than he really is, which causes he and Eddie to encounter a lot of trouble. He secretly wants to be human, feeling life is limited as a cat. His best friend is Eddie, who is often the cause of his mishaps. Buckley is also the constant nemesis of Mrs. Boots for reasons that remain unknown. He is in love with his owner Louise and plans on marrying her, but she doesnt return his feelings. Despite his unreturned feelings he still addresses her as if she were his girlfriend. Buckleys personality fluctuates from laziness and uncaring to being remotely active and feeling guilty. He is notably more ethical than Eddie. Buckley also shows an aggressive side, attacking his friend Tabitha and removing her remaining ear, though it was later reattached. Voiced by Harland Williams.


2.2. Cast and characters Tabitha

She is cat whose owner is unknown and may be a stray because of her neglected appearance. However, in episode 5 she admits to have once have had an owner but since then had forgotten who it was. She has one ear, which has a bow on it and the other seems to have been mostly bitten off. She is also often shown carrying a small green purse. She is not too bright, but she is cheery and believes she is everyones friend. Of all the people in Wendell, she enjoys spending time with Buckley and Eddie, much to their annoyance. Whenever she sees them and tries to talk she is given an excuse by Eddie why they are too busy or tells her to wait somewhere for them, often somewhere dangerous. She is willing to forgive anything, including being left in the middle of a highway or having her ear ripped off by Buckley. She often shows characteristics of bipolar disorder, going from cheery to standing over Louise whom she duck-taped to her bed with a scalpel and directions on how to perform a "reverse conjoined twin separation" on her. Voiced by Kiersten Warren.


2.3. Cast and characters Dooper

Dooper is a stray cat that lives in a cardboard box in an alley near Louises apartment. He is afraid of almost everything and is quite nervous. As a result of this he is constantly coming up with outlandish conspiracy theories and rushes to warn everyone. The closest things to friends he has are Buckley and Eddie, whom he normally tells his theories to first. They usually ignore him, but sometimes use his conspiracy theories to trick him into doing their dirty work. He will often find small, everyday things like a crack in the pavement and use it as proof of his theories. Also it is said that Dooper doesnt have any testicles, suggesting that he once had an owner who had him neutered. Voiced by Emo Philips.


2.4. Cast and characters Mrs. Boots

She is a cat whose owner is unknown but her owners family is shown to be wealthy as she lives in a mansion. She is Buckleys nemesis and tries to thwart his plans in any way she can. The reason why she hates Buckley remains unknown. Her name derives from the difference in color of her body and her paws. She is all light grey except for her paws which are dark brown. She is very self-conscious about them, calling them "deformities" and hiding them in her fur when she sits. She is also self-conscious about her name, always becoming aggravated when Eddie asks "Wheres Mr. Boots?". She shows herself as a classy cat, but has a short temper and when angry starts to yell and her voice becomes a little bit hoarse. Voiced by Niecy Nash.


2.5. Cast and characters Louise

She is one of the only main human characters and is Buckleys owner. Technically their relationship can be viewed as somewhat closer as humans can understand cats and vice versa on the show, but she still treats him as her pet for the most part. Buckley has a romantic infatuation with Louise and hopes to one day consummate their relationship, although she is oblivious to the fact. Buckley even said that he once proposed to her. Voiced by Nicole Sullivan.


2.6. Cast and characters Ingrid and Latoyah

Best friends who Eddie thinks are hot. Ingrid and Latoyah are voiced by Masasa Moyo and Alex Borstein.


3. Production

The original 2001 pilot was animated in claymation by Laikas predecessor Will Vinton Studios. The series was pitched to The WB who turned it down. The pilot has a different artstyle from the final version. It also had a different voice cast except for Tabitha.

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