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108 is an American hardcore band founded in 1991. Their music reflects the Hare Krishna faith of the band members. Their name comes from the number of beads on the Japa mala, or mantra counting beads.


1. History

After splitting from the Zack De La Rocha-fronted band Inside Out, guitarist and Hare Krishna devotee Vraja Kishor das aka Vic DiCara formed 108 in 1991. While recording an EP, Rasaraja dasa aka Rob Fish joined on vocals. Following in the footsteps of the Cro-Mags and Antidote, they made sure to place their Krishna Consciousness at the forefront of their music.

Their first records, Holyname and Songs of Separation, were released on Equal Vision Records. These releases were followed by their participation in two documentary films, 108: The Final Tour and N.Y.H.C.

Following a prolonged break-up where DiCara relocated to India to become a monk, they planned to reform at Hellfest in 2005. Due to legal issues, that festival was cancelled at the last moment but 108 successfully re-booked special gigs in Philadelphia. They self-released a collection of demos and b-sides followed by a new full-length recording entitled "A New Beat From a Dead Heart" with Deathwish Inc.

On March 23, 2010, before the release of 18.61, it was announced that Rob Fish had quit the band, discontent with the band not being able to "redefine" its ties to faith. Rob and Vic were no longer part of ISKCON by the time of the bands reformation. The remaining members of the group later released the following statement: "108 has not broken up. Rasaraja has left the band, but 108 will continue in full force with a new direction and focus. We will be writing, recording and playing shows this year to support 18.61 and create new music."

Rob Fish rejoined the band in September 2010.

In May 2016, the band would embark on a series of reunion shows. May 21st in Flemington, NJ marked the return of Kate "Kate-08" Reddy. This was the first time she had played with the band in 20 years.


2. Discography


  • Curse of Instinct 1996, Lost & Found Records
  • Oneoeight 2006, Self-Released
  • Serve & Defy 1997, Lost & Found Records

Live albums

  • "One Path For Me Through Destiny" 1997, Lost & Found Records


  • Creation. Sustenance. Destruction. 2006, Equal Vision Records


  • Curse Of Instinct: 108s Final Tour 2000, Reflections Records

Other releases

  • "Spoken Words" 1991, Self-released
  • "Demo 1992" 1992, Self-released

2.1. Discography Studio albums

  • Songs of Separation 1994, Equal Vision Records
  • Holyname 1993, Equal Vision Records
  • 18.61 2010, Deathwish Inc.
  • Threefold Misery 1996, Lost & Found Records
  • A New Beat from a Dead Heart 2007, Deathwish Inc.

2.2. Discography Live albums

  • "One Path For Me Through Destiny" 1997, Lost & Found Records

2.3. Discography Compilations

  • Creation. Sustenance. Destruction. 2006, Equal Vision Records

2.4. Discography Compilation appearances

  • "MMIX" 2009, Deathwish Inc.
  • "MMX" 2010, Deathwish Inc)
  • Violent World: A Tribute to the Misfits 1997, Caroline Records
  • N.Y.H.C. Documentary Soundtrack 1996, SFT Records
  • Anti-Matter 1996, Another Planet Records
  • You Deserve Even Worse 1994, Lost & Found Records
  • "Chord Magazine CD Sampler #10" 1995, Chord Recordings
  • "Punk Rock Megaexplosion" 1995, Comforte

2.5. Discography Videos

  • Curse Of Instinct: 108s Final Tour 2000, Reflections Records

2.6. Discography Other releases

  • "Spoken Words" 1991, Self-released
  • "Demo 1992" 1992, Self-released
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  • The band never officially disbanded, and after a stint of live performances, Burn was restarted with the addition of guitarist Vic DiCara from 108 and
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