ⓘ Jimei District

Jimei District

ⓘ Jimei District

Jimei is one of six districts of Xiamen, Peoples Republic of China. Founded in 1992, with an area of 270 square kilometres, in 2003 it gained some territory in a reorganisation of district governments.

Total local resident population of 280.000. Jimei district has a rich history and vibrant culture. Here are modern facilities, such as universities, cultural center, cinema, stadium, library and culture square.

  • Hǎicāng Qū Pe h - ōe - jī: Hai - chhng - khu is one of the six county - level districts of Xiamen, People s Republic of China, and one of the four located on
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  • township. The township comprises 11 villages: Fumin, Fuxing, Fuyuan, Hegang, Jimei Ruibei, Ruiliang, Ruimei, Ruisui, Ruixiang and Wuhe. Fuyuan National Forest
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