ⓘ Port-Daniel–Gascons


ⓘ Port-Daniel–Gascons

Port-Daniel–Gascons is a municipality in the Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine region of the province of Quebec in Canada.

The municipality includes the communities Marcil, Clemville, port Daniel West, port-Daniel-est, Gascons-West, and the Gascons-est. It was formed on 17 January 2001 by the merger of the municipality of port-Daniel and the parish municipality of Saint-Germain-de-lanse-AUX-Gascons. The port-Daniel-Gascons is bordered on the South by the chaleur Bay, to the North of the interior of the Gaspesie, in the West Shigawake, in the East Chandler Newport area.

In 2017 McInnis cement is the largest cement plant in the province of Quebec began production and was opened in the municipality of port-Daniel-Gascons. Cement plant was built between 2014 and 2017. The cement plant will annually bring in $ 2.1 million in tax revenues. This new cement plant was long hoped for and will bring great benefit to the municipality.

The mayors of port-Daniel-Gascons in 2001 as follows: Maurice Anglehart 2001-2005 Henri Grenier Maurice Anglehart 2005-2009 2009-2013 Henri Grenier from 2013 to 2017 November 5, 2017 Henri Grenier was re-elected for the third second consecutive term as mayor 2017-2021.

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