ⓘ Northeim


ⓘ Northeim

Northeim is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany, seat of the district of Northeim, with, in 2011, a population of 29.000. It lies on the German Half-Timbered House Road.

  • she was Countess of Werl. By her second marriage, she was Countess of Northeim and from 1061 to 1070, Duchess of Bavaria. She is known as Richenza of
  • district, Weser Uplands Dreiberg 495.5 m Northeim district, Solling GroSer Steinberg 493 m Northeim district, Solling GroSer Teichtalskopf 492
  • southern Lower Saxony, Germany, in the south - western part of the district of Northeim and in the south of the hills of Solling forest which are part of the
  • Moringen is a town in the district Northeim in the southern part of Lower Saxony, Germany. The town consists of the center Moringen and eight surrounding
  • Hoxter - Ottbergen in the east of the German state of North Rhine - Westphalia and Northeim in southern Lower Saxony. It takes its name from the fact that it runs
  • Siegfried IV was the last Count of Northeim - Boyneburg and Homburg. He gave the land at Amelungsborn for the foundation in the 12th century of the future
  • municipalities of Gieboldehausen, Katlenburg - Lindau and Northeim It finally joins the Leine river west of Northeim Eller Hahle Oder Sose Dune also called Uhbach
  • the same river. The River Leine flows from Friedland via Gottingen and Northeim to Einbeck through the Leine trough Leine - Ilm Basin an important north - south
  • Wolbrechtshausen is a part of the municipality Norten - Hardenberg in the district of Northeim in Lower Saxony. Wolbrechtshausen is located on the western end of the
  • Kreiensen is a village and a former municipality in the district of Northeim in Lower Saxony, Germany. Since 1 January 2013, it is part of the town Einbeck
  • Brunswick and was enlarged by the inheritances of Henry the Fat of Northeim around Northeim and Gottingen and a part of the Billung inheritance around Luneburg

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