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Euskirchen is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, capital of the district Euskirchen. While Euskirchen resembles a modern shopping town, it also has a history dating back over 700 years, having been granted town status in 1302. As of December 2007, it had a population of 55.446.

  • Exil Exile - 4: 11 Mutter Natur - Oder das Echo von Euskirchen Mother Nature - Or the Echo of Euskirchen - 3: 09 Ich Bin Der Deutsche Neger I am the German
  • was built in 1905. The dam impounds the River Urft in the district of Euskirchen to create the Urft Reservoir Urftstausee 2.16 km² in area. The reservoir
  • Munstereifel, North Rhine - Westphalia, Germany. The station lies on the Euskirchen Bad Munstereifel railway and the train services are operated by Deutsche
  • playing manager and 2004 as a normal manager Bonner SC 2004 05 and TSC Euskirchen 2007 08 returning in the next season to 1. FC Koln, to work within
  • Dollendorf is a village in the municipality of Blankenheim in the district of Euskirchen in the German state of North Rhine - Westphalia. It gives its name to the
  • the highest point in the borough of Bad Munstereifel in the county of Euskirchen in the German state of North Rhine - Westphalia. The hill, which rises near
  • June 30, the anniversary of his miracle in Euskirchen There is an annual fair in his honor in Euskirchen on the 2nd Sunday of May. The Archdiocese of
  • Rhein - Erft district. It also flows through the towns of Bad Munstereifel, Euskirchen Bergheim, Bedburg and Grevenbroich. Source of the Erft near Holzmulheim
  • 9 m above sea level NHN in the Eifel region. It is situated in the county of Euskirchen in North Rhine - Westphalia near the state border with Rhineland - Palatinate

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