ⓘ Association of Booksellers for Children

Association of Booksellers for Children

ⓘ Association of Booksellers for Children

The Association of Booksellers for Children is an American non-profit trade association whose mission is to support the business of independent childrens bookselling and the creation of quality childrens books.


1. Information

The membership of the organization is made up of independent childrens booksellers, publishers, authors & illustrators, and other industry professionals. In addition to its advocacy work, the ABC undertakes a number of annual projects on its members behalf, such a programming at the annual BookExpo America BEA, the creation of various printed materials on literacy and best books, the dissemination of industry news, maintenance of a proprietary list-serv, an annual book award, The E.B. White Read Aloud Award, and collaborations with other industry trade groups like the Childrens Book Council CBC and the American Booksellers Association ABA.

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  • Aloud Award, handed out by The Association of Booksellers for Children Also, Skippyjon Jones has won several local children s book awards, including the