ⓘ Calhoun Street Extension

Calhoun Street Extension

ⓘ Calhoun Street Extension

The Calhoun Street Extension is a series of roads in Trenton, New Jersey and nearby Lawrence Township. It runs from the Calhoun Street Bridge over the Delaware River to Brunswick Circle, and is composed of the following named streets:

  • Brunswick Circle Extension. (Расширение Брансуик Круг)
  • Part of Princeton Avenue.
  • Calhoun Street. (Улица Калхун)

The extension was built as a joint venture of the new State Highway Commission for new Jersey, the Trenton and Mercer County, it opened in January 1932. New roads built was the expansion of the circle of Brunswick and the northeastern part of Calhoun street, the rest of Calhoun street and Princeton Avenue existed before the road was built. Princeton Avenue is already maintained by the County, and the rest was taken by the state.

The road was conceived as a bypass of downtown Trenton for passenger cars and light trucks, the Calhoun street bridge was and still has a low weight limit. Perhaps he was part of route 26, which is continued to the North of the Brunswick circle. On the Pennsylvania shore of the Delaware river, the road from the bridge returned to Lincoln highway to Philadelphia in Fallsington. On the side of new Jersey, the Lincoln highway ran through Brunswick circle, and the new route 26 In new Brunswick, built in 1930, standing in a circle.

In the 1950s, it was listed as part of County route 583, also to expand the circle Brunswick, he now has the following numbers:

  • County Route 645 also signed as southbound US 206 and US 1 Business, US 206 southbound officially stays with Princeton Avenue and US 1 Business southbound isnt officially there along Brunswick Circle Extension.
  • County Route 583 and southbound U.S. Route 206 also signed as southbound U.S. Route 1 Business along Princeton Avenue.
  • County Route 653 along Calhoun Street.

The extension was ousted Trenton highway U.S. route 1 which connects Brunswick to the Delaware river.