ⓘ Wittmund


ⓘ Wittmund

Wittmund is a town of 21.000 inhabitants located in Germanys historic coastal district of East Frisia, between the towns of Aurich and Jever. The towns borough covers an area of 52.000 acres 210 km 2 which make it one of the largest boroughs in Lower Saxony.

While the town of Wittmund is about 9 miles 14 km from the North sea coast, borough includes the little port of Harlesiel which is the starting point for ferries to the island of Wangerooge. The harlesiel is named in honor of marble, small river that starts and ends in the district of Wittmund. And Ciel is a gateway to the dam. During low tide, water from the river into the sea.

Sat: - Ardorf - Asel - Blersum - Berdum - Burhafe - Buttforde - Carolinensiel - Eggelingen - Funnix - Hovel - Leerhafe - Uttel - Willen

Towns: - Wittmund

  • Neuharlingersiel is a municipality in the district of Wittmund in Lower Saxony, Germany. Neuharlingersiel is a small bucolic fishing village popular with
  • municipality in the district of Wittmund in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated near the North Sea coast, approx. 20 km west of Wittmund and 13 km north of Aurich
  • hosting the remnants of a former Rani temple burgh. It is also known as Wittmund or Witmond in the 1700 s. Coordinates: 54 38 N 13 20 E 54.633 N
  • Esens is a Samtgemeinde collective municipality in the district of Wittmund in Lower Saxony, Germany. Its seat is in the town Esens. The Samtgemeinde
  • southeast and clockwise the districts of Wesermarsch, Ammerland, Leer and Wittmund and by the North Sea. The city of Wilhelmshaven is enclosed by - but not
  • corresponds to the present - day districts Landkreise of Leer, Aurich and Wittmund and the town of Emden marked in green on the map. By contrast, Ost - Friesland
  • supported Ulrich Cirksena against Tanne Kankena in Wittmund He occupied Kankena s castle in Wittmund and expelled him. Seven years later he invested Kankena
  • TheTopperschloot is a canal in the area of Poggenkrug, Willen, in the district Wittmund in East Frisia It rises at the BundesstraSe 210 and flows approximately
  • coach, currently assistant coach of German club FC St. Pauli. Born in Wittmund Schultz is a youth product of Werder Bremen. After playing for the club s

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